Ode to Winter Merriment

Although darkened days of cold December

cast adumbrations over yesterday’s

dreams and iron curtains deafen replays

of old fantasies I faint remember,


yet, golden years and winter’s solitude

deprive me not the music of my soul

nor languish hope, embracing dark Sheol

with tumultuous jeremiad prelude.


For ominous thrills and great delights; new

accomplishments and adventures pending

fill the bucket list that I am sending

to make winter’s illustrious dreams come through.



I passed by and saw a mango tree once laden, with all its ripened fruit littered on the floor beneath. And I thought, What a waste! But, then, I think of me- a self-professed introvert- and say, You better open those gates!

Laden   laden branch

waiting for birds to sing;

for eager children

to come pelting;

waiting for

the market crates

and baskets

to bringbasket of fruit

the pleasure I give;

waiting for

jam bottles and jellies;

yearning, empty bellies

to rejoice.


Yet, here I am



to the earth

from which I came.




on grounds


fenced in,



in a private place;


in space

no one can reach!








Let ME Decide!

Let me decide

if seeded in my fields

a sprout should grow.

I”d know

if time and reason support fate.

Let me state

what circumstances should exist


mere implantation.

Let me mention

if bred without consent,

who would flourish in my womb

assuming life

at my expense

I’d have a sense

of right and wrong

if illness threatens the unborn:

if torn

between love and foetucide

Let ME decide!





Watching her

standing on the bus-

she in student’s garb on the

early morning commute-

I think:

it matters not that I had taken

that same bus a thousand times

in linen whites

standing on legs

afoot all day,

holding to the monkey bars

and wondering

“where have all the gentlemen gone?”

while she had gone another route

to avoid the bus.


Today, years later,

I’ve doffed my nurse’s cap

to take another course

and I’m least inclined to ride the bus.

Yet, I contend to

stand alongside her-

just for today-

jerking with every “air-brakes” stop;

watching her asleep on foot.

For after all,                                             passing on

she has taken her own path

only to follow in my steps!