Dust Yourself off and Try Again

My post, today, is the introduction from my book Dust Yourself off and Try Again. It was self-published in 2009. Soon to be re-printed and made available on an international scale. I hope that you enjoy the content.

One of the earliest lessons that we learn in life is to quickly get up again, each time we fall.  When children fall, parents around the world respond very much the same to their babies’ little mishaps: they immediately pick them up from the ground, dust their little knees and set them on their feet again.

In so doing, they are teaching their children that it is okay to fall but definitely not okay to stay on the ground.  They are teaching little babies to quickly overcome their shame, disappointment, hurt and pain and get on with the business of living, learning and growing.

Soon enough, these little ones learn to shake off their own dust and go back to whatever fun- walking, running, jumping, climbing and so on- they were enjoying before the fall.

This, however, is a lesson for life not just for babyhood.  It is a lesson which should take us through every other trial; over every other hurdle that we face.

Life is a series of challenges.  It is inevitable that we fall sometimes.  At times, we try to run too fast, we step too soon or miscalculate a turn.  Whatever the reasons, we all end up on the ground from time to time- figuratively and literally!

In these times, though, what should we do? When we have fallen- in love with the wrong person; fallen prey, to other’s devises; fallen into sin; fallen from grace; fallen victim to sickness and other misfortunes that may or may not be of our own doing?

How do we, as adults, react to failures?  How do deal with the shame, the hurt, the guilt of our downfalls? How do we do that baby stuff: get right back into the joy of living, instead of burying ourselves in the sand- maybe with a little cry and a little encouragement from others but certainly with all the vigor and sense of purpose as before?

In this book we will explore this issue from a biblical standpoint and show God’s take on the matter!



Oh Phooey!

An excerpt from To Kryss with Love– a collection of short stories written  for my daughter.

A friend told me of a dream she had in which she visited the home of a prominent woman, one day.  In this woman’s yard stood a beautiful, well-groomed mango tree laden with fruit.

Eager to get her hands on a juicy mango, my friend approached the tree, only to find that it was bearing cabbages- huge, misshapen, ill-placed cabbages!

Oh, how terribly disappointing! She thought.  “Why is this beautiful plant flourishing with the wrong fruit?”

I’ve asked myself that very question so many times as I’ve watched you grow.  Your outer beauty seems only to belie the expressions of your heart.

Sometimes when we find ourselves as the lonesome mango in the cabbage patch, we find it hard to stand alone and be ourselves.

In an effort to fit in with everyone else around, we begin to take on a nature not our own.  We begin to lose sight of who we really are and become confused.

We may think that the problem is the cabbage patch; that we would better thrive in the forest among the trees; that it is by association we become who we’re really meant to be.

But the answer is not in our planting but in our genes.  Our true nature is written in our Being.  Therefore, no matter where we’re planted or with whom we grow, the true expression of ourselves can only come from within.

So take some time, my dear, to stand aloof.  Examine the aura you exude.  Understand the markings of your heart that define for you, your destiny.

Then, be prepared to be unique.  If you’re the only lark among the hawks, then sing like a lark without a care.  And if you’re the only flower of fragrance rare, then smell like no other fragrance can compare.

And when you find yourself lonely where none seems a lot like you, still be true to yourself.  For it is only in bringing forth your own originals, that you fulfill purpose.  It is only in depicting expressions of the heart that you say who you are and command respect.

It is only in searching the recesses of your soul that you discover Self and gain the power to impact the world around you with a beauty all your own.

Only in this you’ll find fulfillment.  Only then, will you be truly blessed.  It is only when you can look inside and find worth in who you are; when you’re content with whom you’re created to be and determined to flaunt no other meaning than what your code entails, that you find happiness.  And prosperity!  And wealth! And peace!



Costly Mistakes

An excerpt from To Kryss with Love– a collection of short stories written seven years ago for my, then, teenage daughter .

When I was much younger and just learning to sew, I found that I liked to stitch but not to base.  I liked to put pieces together but not to rip.  I was quick to make but not to mend.

But in my haste, I created many faulty fits.  With nicks and notches and crooked paths I, many times, corrupted the masterpiece I had in mind.

Sometimes, I turned faults into fashion and covered mistakes with skilful art.  But at times I helplessly tossed aside the cuts that no amount of knack could fix.

Now that I am older and wiser than I used to be, and far less hurry to complete a task, I take the time to plan the steps of every work.

And if by chance, I go off-course, I linger at the point I erred and undo every tiny flaw until at last I’m satisfied with the labor of my hands.

You see, my dear, there are some mistakes that once they’re made, they can’t ever be reversed.  These are the ones we must avoid at any cost.  For life does not always give a second chance to do right what we wronged before.

And even those mistakes which we try so hard to hide, although we may conceal them from the public’s eyes, they’ll still be mistakes- only well disguised.

So, Honey, think before you act!  Plan a course of action for your life.  Make straight paths for your feet.  Decide on what it is you wish to accomplish and what steps are necessary for you to succeed.

Then work towards your goal.  Follow the guidelines left by those who’ve walked that road before.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  And above all, do not be too proud to admit when you have failed. Or, too busy to take the time to correct your faults!