Making Lemonade

lemonI’ve long heard the great advice: If life throws you a lemon, make lemonade with it! And in my typical sass retorted: Sure, if only life would throw me some sugar and a copious amount of water too!

Thus, in my almost twelve years of single-parenting a ‘special needs child’- and almost twenty-two of single-parenting on a whole- I’ve squeezed some juicy lemons to make a concentrate, not believing that a wellspring of water elsewhere flowed. Or, that the honeycomb I needed was available.

Today, however, I’ve come to accept that lemon juice is great for washing fish and providing a scintillating- and delicious- satisfaction to thirst on a hot, sunny day. Today, I recognize that what at first seemed too acidic and abrasive to life, was the makings of a lemonade stand, an anti-aging treatment, anti-depressant and a plethora of possibilitieslemonade for turning acrimony into  positive results –45 uses for lemons.

So, as my first jug of lemonade, I announce my decision to begin a treatment center and school for children with learning and other difficulties. For now, the ‘stand’ is just a plan- that would require great acreage to adequately fulfill. But I’m starting in one house with just a few beautiful and special children.

I’ve found that I have had the sugar all along. In places I had not thought to look. I’ve found the lemon tree planted by the rivers of water- from which I can  incessantly draw. Now, I have poured my first glass and I’ve added some ice. So, let the games begin!


Red Wine


Red spirits swirling

in long-stemmed crystal

ponies, ride fancied

gentle breezes

like wind-blown autumn leaves          wine-glass1

dancing to the beat

of butterflies’ wings

eagerly fluttering over

long-stemmed nectared posies

until the wooing of

fermented juice subsides

and words so sweetly spoken

fall to earth.



Let ME Decide!

Let me decide

if seeded in my fields

a sprout should grow.

I”d know

if time and reason support fate.

Let me state

what circumstances should exist


mere implantation.

Let me mention

if bred without consent,

who would flourish in my womb

assuming life

at my expense

I’d have a sense

of right and wrong

if illness threatens the unborn:

if torn

between love and foetucide

Let ME decide!





Watching her

standing on the bus-

she in student’s garb on the

early morning commute-

I think:

it matters not that I had taken

that same bus a thousand times

in linen whites

standing on legs

afoot all day,

holding to the monkey bars

and wondering

“where have all the gentlemen gone?”

while she had gone another route

to avoid the bus.


Today, years later,

I’ve doffed my nurse’s cap

to take another course

and I’m least inclined to ride the bus.

Yet, I contend to

stand alongside her-

just for today-

jerking with every “air-brakes” stop;

watching her asleep on foot.

For after all,                                             passing on

she has taken her own path

only to follow in my steps!


Oh God it’s Monday!

I got up sleepy this morning. Yes! I awoke before four to hang out the clothes I left in the machine yesterday, to mop the floor, prepare breakfast and post a blog before leaving the house for a ten o’clock appointment.

Now, I guess all the regular Monday to Friday workers- particularly moms- must have gotten up at about that time too- to cook, pack lunches, drop children off at whatever venues they would be kept during this school vacation, dress and set off to commute to their places of employment.

I do recall the stress of the “rat race” that makes one say on the last work day, “THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!! After rushing and racing through the entire week, one takes the time for an after work “lime” or to simply kick off the shoes and recline, knowing that tomorrow, the alarm clock would not ring at five (or four or three!).

It is probably that alarm that brings the Monday morning blues. The interruption to sleep after two days (un)rest- cleaning, washing, ironing, scrubbing- all in preparation for a next work week. Well, after lazing around all day, yesterday, watching back to back episodes of If loving you is wrong, I awoke early to finish my chores before meeting with my publisher today.

Yea! I have a meeting with MY PUBLISHER! Isn’t that great? Things are looking up. Getting off the ground. So, while I would like to just go back to sleep, I have to join others in saying, “Oh God, it’s Monday!” I have to get to work. This is my “work” and I hope to do it as diligently as anyone else. So, I hope that there would be other Oh God it’s ….day, and ….o’clock, as I rush to meet deadlines and keep appointments.

Sounds exciting! Anyway, time is ticking away. I’ve got to go!