Costly Mistakes

An excerpt from To Kryss with Love– a collection of short stories written seven years ago for my, then, teenage daughter .

When I was much younger and just learning to sew, I found that I liked to stitch but not to base.  I liked to put pieces together but not to rip.  I was quick to make but not to mend.

But in my haste, I created many faulty fits.  With nicks and notches and crooked paths I, many times, corrupted the masterpiece I had in mind.

Sometimes, I turned faults into fashion and covered mistakes with skilful art.  But at times I helplessly tossed aside the cuts that no amount of knack could fix.

Now that I am older and wiser than I used to be, and far less hurry to complete a task, I take the time to plan the steps of every work.

And if by chance, I go off-course, I linger at the point I erred and undo every tiny flaw until at last I’m satisfied with the labor of my hands.

You see, my dear, there are some mistakes that once they’re made, they can’t ever be reversed.  These are the ones we must avoid at any cost.  For life does not always give a second chance to do right what we wronged before.

And even those mistakes which we try so hard to hide, although we may conceal them from the public’s eyes, they’ll still be mistakes- only well disguised.

So, Honey, think before you act!  Plan a course of action for your life.  Make straight paths for your feet.  Decide on what it is you wish to accomplish and what steps are necessary for you to succeed.

Then work towards your goal.  Follow the guidelines left by those who’ve walked that road before.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  And above all, do not be too proud to admit when you have failed. Or, too busy to take the time to correct your faults!




Author: mywrite2016

I am a freelance writer living in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago. Author of three self-published books- No More Tears, To Kryss with Love and Dust Yourself Off and Try Again. I am the mother of two girls- 21 and 11 years old- a teacher and trained nurse.

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