Phantom Baby

A Monologue based on conversations  with a patient. Previously performed at university for Stress Management component.


The doctor tell me I not pregnant. (Ha!)

But look at me!

My belly big and growing everyday

My two breasts sore and full.

So, what he mean, I not pregnant?

Ah mean, is true the pregnancy test

really come back negative.

And  de ultrasound say it eh have no chile!

But ah woman mus know what goin on in she body.

Three drop ah urine, can’t tell nothing ’bout me.

And what he mean dis is stress related?

You ever see stress get anybody pregnant?

Well, yes, is true ah still grieving de chile

ah lost two years ago.

And is true ah dis still get up to feed de baby

when ah hear him crying.

Buh wha wrong wid dat?

Everybody dis try to hold on to whatever dey loss.

Even when people foot get cut off

dey dis still feel pain in dat foot!

Dey call it phantom pain.

But dis eh no phantom baby

I have here, yuh know!

Look at my belly!

You ever see ah phantom baby move?

O’ ah phantom baby grow?

I mus’ know what happ’ning in me.

So, yuh see dat doctor

and all he degree?

Just keep dem away from me

and my baby!

Subjectivity is an inner truth based on individual beliefs and experience. Though not absolute, it is still a reality.



Author: mywrite2016

I am a freelance writer living in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago. Author of three self-published books- No More Tears, To Kryss with Love and Dust Yourself Off and Try Again. I am the mother of two girls- 21 and 11 years old- a teacher and trained nurse.

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