Gold Star


I got a gold star yesterday for the achievement of one hundred likes on StyleWrite. Now, for a child who went to school before “order marks” (black dots) and stars replaced the tamarind whip and big red ticks, this was well appreciated.

It may seem like a small accomplishment. But, in the words of the Chinese philosopher, Laozi: 千里之行,始於足下, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a wallsingle step (Wiktionary). Thus, I have taken that step. I have begun my journey. And, to my delight, I’ve found some willing to cheer me on along the way.

This gold star represents a hundred times that someone said “well done.” One hundred kudos. A hundred handshakes. One hundred thumbs up sign that had been clicked. That’s a hundred reasons to go on; A hundred steps closer to the finish line!

So, thank you, again, for your support- readers and followers of this blog; fellow writers who gave their nods of approval; FaceBook friends and other well-wishers. Thank you!


The Great Wall of China

The way to the top, is to start at the beginning and keep climbing till you get there!


Author: mywrite2016

I am a freelance writer living in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago. Author of three self-published books- No More Tears, To Kryss with Love and Dust Yourself Off and Try Again. I am the mother of two girls- 21 and 11 years old- a teacher and trained nurse.

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