Through the Tunnels

I recently heard that there is a tunnel in Tabaquite, Trinidad, that is quite an historical landmark. This picture was taken by someone whose visit was a knock “off the T&T bucket list”. I provide here a link to this person’s website Living & Loving Life. I have not seen it yet. But, I have added it to my bucket list.


In my childhood experience, though, I occasionally passed through one at Freeport where Calcutta Road N0. 1 passes under the highway. I do not know the length of this tunnel. But, as a child, it always seemed too long. It was a spooky place where sounds echoed and were amplified and sight was gravely myopic. My only joy in going through this tunnel, was hearing the sounding of the car horn. In there, it boomed and sounded full.

That experience, though, provided some vicarious learning. It, later, helped me to understand the cliché :”there is light at the end of the tunnel”. I did not know it, then, but this childhood escapade would one day serve to steer me through the intangible tunnels of life.

The lesson I have learned is that  in spite of the absolute darkness that surrounds; despite the feelings of entombment, the only sensible thing to do in a tunnel is to keep trusting and thrusting forward until the end.

The thing about that light at the end of the tunnel, is that it does not appear out of nowhere. The light is there all along. But, the existence of the tunnel creates a false impression of the reality. It skews judgment and feigns gloom. One just has to keep in mind this is only a temporary veiling of truth; a brief alteration of perception.

Life sends us through some tunnels, sometimes. Times when we feel engulfed in darkness. Times when we think that we are all alone in our experiences. Times when we long to see the light. And, we can barely see the next step ahead. In these times, we have to trust that if we keep moving forward, we would find the way of escape. And, thrust- push through with all our might- until we get there.

As the saying goes, there is light at the end of the tunnel. But, we only see that light when we have gone through. Life only returns to normalcy when we overcome the darkness; when we survive the missteps; when we learn to amble along blindly, duty-bound to conquer every obstacle in our path.

There’s no sense is going backward in the tunnel. There’s  no place to turn around. It is the one place where it is necessary to keep looking forward. Keep marching on.  Never let the darkness in. The light is present all around. We just have to get to where we can see it.

So, embrace the tunnels of life- because they teach invaluable lessons that cannot be learned otherwise!


Author: mywrite2016

I am a freelance writer living in the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago. Author of three self-published books- No More Tears, To Kryss with Love and Dust Yourself Off and Try Again. I am the mother of two girls- 21 and 11 years old- a teacher and trained nurse.

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